F&S Fine Chocolate

Hand Tempered – Single Origin

At Fire and Stone all our products have something in common. A focus on sustainably sourced, highest quality ingredients. For F&S Chocolate this translates into starting with the finest quality single origin chocolates we can find! Our chocolate is then hand tempered prior to being transformed into bars and chocolate pieces. Our individual gourmet chocolates include, 70% Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Ruby Chocolate and Gold Chocolate. There are no artificial flavour or colours used when crafting our chocolates. Our all natural ingredients include, Fire and Stone Coffee, F&S Tea, Free-Range-Bio-Farm Honey, and botanical herbs and flowers.

Our chocolate line includes, bars, bites, chocolates, truffles, ganaches and caramels. Careful thought, tasting, testing and planning are involved in each or our unique flavour creations.

Currently, our chocolatier is studying at Canada’s premier chocolate institute to ensure we can bring you gourmet, fine quality, chocolates with the most up to date knowledge, techniques and ingredients. Our time at the markets and talking with Boutique Shop and cafe owners revealed how much our community is supporting ethical sourcing of ingredients, and an ever growing interest in single origin coffee’s, tea’s and chocolate’s. We want to bring you chocolates of the world and present them in delicious simple forms, so you can enjoy the rich differences infused into the cocoa beans from each region.

We are proud to be able to blend our Fire and Stone Coffee and Teas with our chocolate to create beautiful flavour pairings to share with you. Try an Espresso Bar with dark chocolate and our Espresso blend, or a flat white bar with Espresso and Vanilla bean white chocolate ganache. Our classic and popular Cape Grey tea is infused into a dark chocolate truffle, while the Ivan Chai blends perfectly with milk chocolate and ginger.

Have a look at just a few of our gourmet chocolate art creations…

Where to find us.

Currently we are at the Antigonish winter Farmers Market Saturdays from 10-1.

Barykin Bistro in Port Hawkesbury.

Call or text 902 631 4551 for orders