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Single origin loose leaf teas – Botanic garden herbs and flowers

About our teas.

Our teas begin with the finest quality loose leaf teas from around the globe. We then hand blend them with herbs and flowers harvested from our organic botanic gardens. With a BSc, in biology and nutrition, a BSc in health sciences, and current studies at Canada’s oldest herbal college, I draw from a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. With a passion for gardening, beekeeping, herbal studies, food science and human health, it was a natural next step to create tea blends with the finest quality ingredients that are as beautiful to the eye as they are delicious and soothing .

Our blends.

Our blends include herbal (no caffeine) blends as well as Green tea, Black tea, Rooibos, Jasmine Pearls, Matte, Oolong and Chai. The floral and herbal elements are collected and dried on our farm and subsequently hand blended and crafted in our on site certified food establishment. We use no artificial flavours or scents in our tea blends. This ensures each cup is fresh and nutritious and bursting with the delicate taste and smells of the herbs and teas only.

Our Botanic Gardens

Our Bio-Farm Botanic gardens are spread throughout our 50 acre mixed farm in Cleveland NS. This is also home base for Fire and Stone. Integral to our gardens is our apiary. The bees forage on our herbs and flowers as well as the natural wildflowers and tree flowers on the farm. Both the bees and the gardens thrive in this environment and it is a pleasure to see which flowers the bees prefer and how lush the growth becomes when pollinators are efficiently doing their work. Through careful observation, we were able to craft one of our popular blends -Bee’s Knee’s, which features Jasmine pearls and the petals of 3 flowers the bees love.

Where to find our teas

Antigonish Winter Market Saturdays 10-1

Mabou Farmers Market (Summer) Sundays 11-2

Barykin Bistro Port Hawkesbury

Brook Village Grocery Cape Breton

At the farm gate – 2622 Riverside Rd, Cleveland NS

Coming Soon – Available for mail order on this site!

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Our Tea Gallery

Take a peek at our teas, gardens, bees and more. Or drop by the farm in the summer and wander the gardens and watch the bees. All Fire and Stone Products are available at the farm gate at 2622 Riverside Road, Cleveland NS.