Our Blends

Indonesia Flores Coop Sinar Tani Watujaji $12

The taste profile offers clean earthiness, notes of bittersweet chocolate and malt, and gives a finish of berries as it cools.
It is worth specifying that daily life in this region of Flores draws its inspiration from a wisdom inherited from the ancestors, being a “matrilineal” tribal culture, that is to say that here “property belongs to women” and is transmitted from mother to daughter. So it is with their small coffee plantations.

Rainforest Alliance Certified
UTZ certified beans

1/2 Pound Bag

Brazil Planalto Especial $12

Brazil has a rich history of coffee production and produces some high quality coffees. This single origin coffee shines at a darker roast with natural fruity and nutty notes with a rich body
UTZ Certified beans.

1/2 Pound Bag

Ethiopian Anderacha $12

Ethiopian is among the best coffees in the world due to the high altitudes in which it is grown and the ideal climate. It is know for its fruited, floral and refined flavour profile.
This coffee is grown in the village of Anderacha in a UNESCO protected biosphere reserve. Shade grown and bird friendly, these coffee beans are hand picked and processed to the highest standards. UTZ and Humaniterra Certified
1/2 Pound Bag

Espresso Blend $12

For those of you searching for the perfect cup of Espresso! High quality robusta beans will give you the prized thick crema seen in Italian espresso. In perfect balance with our international aribica beans.

1/2 Pound Bag

Colombia Excelso Organic $12

This special organic coffee from the group of producers “COFFEE ORIGIN GRUPO ORGANIC SUR DEL HUILA” wants to produce the best organic Colombian coffee. They are USDA certified organic, Japanese Organic certification, and are UTZ/Rainforest Alliance certified.
This SHB coffee is grown above 1450m.
You will find fragrances of caramel, fruit, and chocolate, with candy, chocolate, and sweet flavors.
The acidity will be citrusy with a soft creamy body.

1/2 Pound Bag

Nicaragua Penas Blancas $12

This single origin coffees brightness is balanced by a pronounced sweetness and a smooth round body, making for a very enjoyable brew

1/2 Pound Bag

Columbia Excelso Decaf- Swiss Water® Processed $12

The Swiss Water® process naturally extracts caffeine from the coffee beans. The byproducts are natural and 100% recyclable.

1/2 Pound Bag

Highland Blend $12

A blend of our favorite South and Central America varieties, this is a well balanced cup. Bright, mild and a medium body. A great brew for those cold Highland mornings.

UTZ Certified beans
1/2 Pound Bag

Cannon Powder $12

Our newest blend! Cannon Powder is our ‘trade routes blend” that hearkens back to the roots of the coffee trade, merchant ships and the golden age of piracy. The buried treasure in this blend can be found in the aroma and complex flavor profile.
*check out our home town and St. Peter’s Pirate Days which will resume September 2022.

1/2 Pound Bag

Peru Amazonas $12
Grown under the canopy of fruit and walnut trees in the Amazon region. You will notice hints sweet pear and papaya in this delicate and smooth coffee.
Humaniterra and Rainforest Alliance certified.

1/2 Pound Bag

Indian Monsoon Malabar $12

This unique coffee goes through a special preparation which exposes the processed beans to monsoon winds. It has wild and earthy flavours.

UTZ Certified beans

1/2 Pound Bag

Cuba Caracolillo $12

Intense aroma, smooth texture, dark chocolate notes.
Cuba has a long history of coffee growing due to a perfect microclimate in the Crystal Mountain plateaus. Managed by state owned co-operatives and nurtured under the forest canopy in rich soil, the unique pea shaped Caracolillo bean is harvested by traditional methods. Humaniterra Certified.

1/2 Pound Bag

Yemen Mocha Matari $23

Yemen is the oldest coffee trader in the world. Grown in a challenging landscape at high altitudes (6000-7000ft), without pesticides and fertilizers and harvested traditionally by hand. Additional political and supply chain issues make this a difficult coffee to obtain.
Considered one of the finest coffees in the world, with winey and exotic chocolate notes.

1/2 Pound Bag