India Monsoon Malabar


Profile: Deep and rich aroma, phenomenal complex flavor.
What makes this highly sought-after coffee unique is the ‘Monsooning’
process in which the beans are exposed to monsoon winds and rains for
several weeks, resulting in a lower acid, grade AA coffee. Humaniterra
and Rainforest Alliance certified.

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At home in historic St. Peters, Cape Breton,
overlooking the Bras d’Or Lake…
As a micro coffee roaster, we at Fire and Stone Coffee are passionate
about taking the time to ensure that each batch of coffee is roasted to
perfection. Our unique process and craftsmanship ensure a superior
product for our customers. We roast to order so your coffee is always
fresh! Our single origin bean varieties come from all over the world
and include UTZ certified, fair trade and organic. We also donate to
local not for profit groups in Cape Breton. We believe in ‘Coffee with a
Conscience’ and supporting our local community!

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